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Voice over IP phones come in a lot of different varieties. When making a decision about what phone system to go with, the consumer needs someone to help understand the differences between different types of phone systems, and what phone service to use. We understand what these differences are, and offer a variety of solutions to meet customer needs. We offer the following systems.

Hosted Phone System

Our flagship product is the hosted PBX Solution. This system is maintained by us, and upgraded by us, so you do not have to pay for a phone system, just the service. The only hardware that companies need with the service, are the phones and a quality router. We are a phone service provider that provides the dial tone, e-911, music on hold, and all of the features are listed below. We believe in this product because it will integrate with all technologies, including cellular services. This system is nonproprietary system and will work well with nonproprietary VOIP phones. Phones systems can be expensive, and we don’t want your company to purchase a phone system every five to twelve years. Hosted PBX is the future of telecommunications.

  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail
  • E-fax
  • Virtual phone numbers
  • 800 #’s
  • Voicemail to e-mail
  • Unified Messaging
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Call Recording
  • Number Portability
  • E-fax
  • Virtual Extensions
  • Conference Bridge
  • Call Detail Records (CDR)
  • Call transfer to external number
  • DID’s
  • Music on hold
  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • DND
  • Transfer
  • User Directory
  • Extension Dialing
  • Web Administration & Account Management

Traditional Phone System

With the Digium system, the consumer can keep their existing phone service, choose another provider, or integrate it with our Dynamic Phone service listed below. This system is a traditional system and has service fees, licensing fees, and additional yearly expenses in order to upgrade to the latest technology. This nonproprietary system has direct support from the manufacturer, and is able to be maintained with or without GTX involved. Digium features include automatic call distribution software, call accounting software, advanced extension management, admin management, graphical user interface, goggle screen pop ups for caller Id, CRM integration, Outlook integration, e-fax, and more. If a business has an office, and wants all of the bells and whistles, this is the system to purchase.

With our sales staff, you will get a good idea of the pros and cons of all the latest phone technologies.


Voicemail is a standalone product that does not need a phone service provider or desk phones. Even if you have no office, you can get a virtual number anywhere in the United States. The business class voicemail and auto attendant can direct the calls to cell phones with a find me follow me service. Options include a simple call notes voicemail box that acts like an answering machine, or a fully functional auto attendant. We can ring multiple phones/cell phones to reach a live person before the call goes to the voicemail. This service comes with all of the bells and whistles that you would get from our hosted PBX platform. If you have a current phone system, and have no voicemail, we can just be your voicemail provider. We can also make it so that your customers never get a busy signal, even if you only have one phone line. This can help eliminate the need for unnecessary phone lines in a down turn economy.

Dynamic Phone Service

Dynamic phone service makes bandwidth capacity more efficient. By integrating phone service and data service, you can save the cost of purchasing unnecessary phone lines. It used to be that you had to have internet or phone lines. This is not the case anymore. They are as one. With this option we can provide your internet service, or if you are under an internet contract, we can utilize your existing internet provider. See if any other provider will do this for you. Whether you have a PRI, Analog phone lines, or anything else that you can throw at us, we can help make your company’s phone and data service more efficient. We can also provide a backup system to mirror your existing phone system, in case your internet goes down.

Networks & Cabling

We offer cabling for all sizes of businesses. We enjoy helping people achieve their goals from a network standpoint. When connecting all of the computers & phones to the internet, it is necessary to have the proper cable & router configurations in order to help the phones and internet work together. We say, your VOIP phone system is only as good as your internet service plus your router minus the internal usage that your computers take up. We call it I+R-IU=QV. Internet + Router-Internet Usage=Quality of Voice.

Computer Support

Occasionally, people call us with computer related problems. We enjoy helping our clients with any need that they may have. Either we can help solve the problem or suggest a quality computer vender who will help.

Internet service

We offer T1s, and partner with other data providers to provide quality data services.


After years of working with all different types of hardware, we provide Digium phone systems, Polycom phones, Grandstream phones, Juniper Routers, and Valcom paging equipment. We customize solutions in order to fit the client’s needs.