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GTX Communications was founded based on the need for a business class voicemail & Integrated Voice response (IVR) System. The initial system was designed by Charlie Miller, and was offered by a company called Virtual Voice Products. John Rousseau was a partner in Virtual Voice Products. John Rousseau split off from Virtual Voice Products and created GTX Communications to be an all in one solution provider for information technology.

About the Owner

John Rousseau is the owner of GTX Communications. In 1984, he first started working on computers. When John was 22 years of age, he began his adventure in the information technology field. He enjoyed helping people learn how to network their computers together over the internet. After this, he moved to a company called Micro Distribution Center, and was promoted to the sales manager. At the time, Micro Distribution Center was a part of Fountain Computers, one of the largest computer companies in the world. As one of the first computer wholesale companies in the Midwest, John helped the owner of MDC grow his company by helping computer shops learn about computers and computer networks. He left MDC and went to NuVox Communications. This is where John started learning about business phone service and business phone systems. It was here, at NuVox, John realized that telecommunications and computer networking where merging together. John also worked for Batts Communications, where he learned how to design phone systems for businesses. John then became an owner of Virtual Voice Products where he helped them to sell their voicemail products. It was all of these experiences that prepared John to found GTX Communications.


Because John Rousseau has experience in the wholesale computer industry, and the telecommunications industry, he has a unique understanding of what the client wants and needs. Based on this understanding, GTX has adopted the following principles:

  • No contracts – If a client is unhappy, they should have the right to work with someone else.
  • No service fees - Why pay for a service charge when changes can be done remotely?
  • No unfair commissions – Many carriers team up with phone system providers and pay them commissions to sell their product. This does not always take into consideration the best solution for the client.
  • Nonproprietary systems – We believe that all hardware and phones should work on all systems.

All of our philosophies are centered on putting our clients first. Ask yourself if you trust your current phone service and phone system provider. If you answer no, we want to make it a yes.